Subject: Multiple instances of Geeklog using Windows OS

Posted on: 02/09/04 06:31pm
By: ola_one

Hello all,

I have found that it is possible to have multiple instances of Geeklog on the same webserver, using 1 Code. But the answer is for a UNIX operating system. Is there anyone that has the multiple instances of Geeklog using Windows operating system that can show me the way?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Multiple instances of Geeklog using Windows OS

Posted on: 02/09/04 08:21pm
By: mthomas

using 1 Code...

What do you mean one code? I have Multiple Instances on a Single Windows 2000 box (also on a Window 2003 Box)

I suppose you could do it just be having multiple config files in seperate directories (one for each domain) and a little bit of extra sripting in the lib-common file. Have it check the URL used to access it and define the config.php file location based on that.

It could be hard coded for via SQL look up however it woul dhave to provide its one SQL connection string since the Config.php file would not be available yet.

It could even be a dummy lib-common file would would then include the real one based on the url.

There are other ways I'll have to think about it.

Multiple instances of Geeklog using Windows OS

Posted on: 02/09/04 10:09pm
By: ola_one

Thanks for the imput, I was looking at installing Geeklog for the number of sites that I want to host. I figured I could just have site1, site2 and site3 all having the full geeklog directory, with each having its own config file, and all 3 running on the same database with 3 different database names.

I am also running Apache, Mysql, PHP so I wanted to know that if I do not run the 3 sites with one core geeklog install, would there be any problem with the above suggestion, or better yet, what is the worst that can happen if I have 3 full directories of Geeklog, one for each site, and then edit the individual config.php and lib-common.php? I also know that I will be using NameBAsedVirtualHost, but is there any other file that I might need to edit?


Multiple instances of Geeklog using Windows OS

Posted on: 02/09/04 11:02pm
By: mthomas

Oh well in that case, in theroy it would work just fine.

You can either have Three distict Sites each with its own database, just change the name of the database in each config file.


You can have one Database with three sites pointing to it. Keep in mind if you install a plugin in one you will need to install the fiels in each of the other sites becuase once installed on one, each of the others would have it installed in the database. I(n essance all your doing is providing a differnt URL for each site and you can have individual themes for each. that said you have to becareful making any code changes on one for the same reason as with the plugins, if it affects the Database it will effect them all.

Multiple instances of Geeklog using Windows OS

Posted on: 05/09/04 03:09am
By: JohnVanVliet

well i am not to shure about geeklog . but i am using the same gallery for two sites . however i found that i still neaded a few
gallery files in the second sites gallery folder
( config.php,init.php,util.php,nls.php,Version.php)

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