Subject: Creating a common Admins group

Posted on: 14/08/04 02:26pm
By: Jefficus

My site is full of different admin groups - story admin, event admin, link admin, topic admin, user admin... And those are just the ones from core GL.

On my site, I've created a page specifically for my various admin members. This is where I will post admin-related news articles, and place the admin-related blocks.

My problem is, I'd like to be able to make a topic that is readable by all admins, regardless of which admin powers they have. Within that topic, I can publish articles that are more specifically targeted. But I want a generic catch-all admin group to use as the topic container.

But when I look at the rights allocation system, it appears that if I create a group called GenericAdmin, I can't make all the other admins inherit from that, because they are core groups. And I certainly don't want to add GenericAdmin group as a sub-group of all the others, because that would bestow all the admin privileges on each member who was assigned to the generic group.

I'm guessing I might be able to go into the MySQL and establish the relationship manually, but I wondered if I might be breaking something by doing that, or missing a more obvious way to achieve what I'm trying to do.

Any ideas?

Creating a common Admins group

Posted on: 14/08/04 06:03pm
By: machinari

I must be misunderstanding. It seems to me that if you create a group, "genericAdmins," and add your chosen admin personal to that group by editing its members list, then just restrict read/edit permissions for the appropriate topic page to "group" rather than to anonymous and/or members, that it should do exactly what you want.

No need to set any more or less rights to members of this group because it's members have rights otherwise anyways.

did that make sense or am i just, like i said, misunderstanding your problem?

Creating a common Admins group

Posted on: 14/08/04 06:10pm
By: Jefficus

Your solution would work, but it requires an extra step. I would like somebody to be automatcially included in my GenericAdmins simply because they have been placed in the Story Admin group.

More specifically, I'm going to create a right called generic.admin which will be assigned to the GenericAdmin group. If the various admin groups that already exist, were children of the GenericAdmin group, then they would automatically get the generic.admin right as soon as I put them in StoryAdmin or TopicAdmin, etc.

If I have to remember to add them to the Generic group after I put them in the TopicAdmin group, then I have created a way to screw up by forgetting. I don't like that.

Creating a common Admins group

Posted on: 14/08/04 06:56pm
By: machinari

yup, i understand now.. thanks.
so, you want to create an "genericAdmin.users" right and add it to the non-editable core admin groups' read-only list of rights thereby granting read and/or edit privs to your genericAdmin topic page to any member of your core admins' groups.
sorry, can't help you.

but I have found that various plugins have been able to add rights to core admin groups for reasons I haven't been able to figure out. for example, the filemanagement plugin adds "filemgmt.user" to many, if not all, of the core admin groups. I have no idea why that would be necessary, but that's beside the point. point is that if you were to check out that code resposible, you may find a way to do the same thing, ie, edit the non-editable read-only list of core admin group rights.

Creating a common Admins group

Posted on: 14/08/04 07:00pm
By: machinari

in retrospect, i think that if you just added the member manually to the group at the same time that you added him/her to the particular admin group, you would save yourself a lot of headaches. or maybe that's just my head pounding

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