Subject: music likes?

Posted on: 02/06/04 03:06pm
By: britt

whats your fav music? type or band (or group)?

music likes?

Posted on: 02/06/04 03:24pm
By: Dirk

Okay, I'll bite (although I still think you might simply be trolling ...).

Geeklog is a software that you can install on a webserver to run your own weblog - there, not here. is the support site for this software, not the place to talk about your favourite kind of music.

Is that really that hard to figure out from the site? Honest question, as it means we may be doing something wrong here ...

bye, Dirk

music likes?

Posted on: 03/06/04 01:41pm
By: britt

little well sorry! just trying to have a conversation. sorry

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