Subject: hi need posts

Posted on: 02/06/04 03:00pm
By: britt

hey whats up. maybe someone will tell me. what is this site? what is a weblog? what is geeklog? is this another 'guy site?' im probably the only girlya. someone any1 please tell me or explain!

Reality check

Posted on: 02/06/04 08:15pm
By: keystone430

Geeklog is a web content management system. Some people use the internet for more than a dating service.

You are hardly the only "girl" here but most of us are over 12.

hi need posts

Posted on: 03/06/04 03:28am
By: drshakagee

kinda makes you wonder doesn't it?

hi need posts

Posted on: 03/06/04 01:34pm
By: britt

well im not exactly a kid, but still a girl-im 14

hi need posts

Posted on: 07/06/04 12:41am
By: Anonymous

Glad to meet you. Hope you find Geeklog fit for your needs. Geeklog is pretty much an easy way build a website, but especially useful if you want to build a community based site. It has it's own addons for forum, classified ads, frequently asked questions, and pretty much everything a person would want to create a website and the best part is that they all work together. That means you won't have to worry about downloading other scripts because there are solutions already made for this system already. It's not that complicated really. If you need any more help, there are plenty of people here who would be glad to.

hi need posts

Posted on: 07/06/04 03:37am
By: ByteEnable

Well you are in luck young lady. My daughter (13) is a moderator on a forum called "Teens on Linux". Wander over and say "Hi", she needs some posts.


hi need posts

Posted on: 07/06/04 12:42pm
By: britt

thanx guys. atleast you're nice unlinke some people. no names! i already am working on my own homepage. its

i have'nt done much to it yet, but im working on it. and i'll check out her forum also. i am in another forum also its they have chatrooms and forums

nice to meet you all.

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