Subject: SweetGeek

Posted on: 30/04/04 11:54pm
By: Limynali


While I'm kind of short on content at the moment, I'm reasonably happy with my theme which is pretty divergent from most other geeklog themes I've seen.

In case you are wondering what was driving the changes. Many users of geeklog (from my various sites which is about 100+ users) have noted that the blocks, while cool, are kinda overwhelming. So I'm playing around with different ways to organize. I'm even starting to change how administrative and user functions/settings are presented.


Posted on: 01/05/04 03:35am
By: machinari

are you thinking of releasing that theme to the gl community?
it looks to have been a bit of work.


Posted on: 01/05/04 07:06am
By: TechSys

nice site you got there. I too hope to see that kind of theme added to the community. Shows that GL can be done without having the blocks everywhere


Posted on: 01/05/04 07:43am
By: geKow

This site is really looking cool and I understand your motivation to reduce the ammount of blocks. I once tried that too, and banned all these funny blocks to their own page, but than I started missing some of there informations, and now I'm back to an 'overblocked' site

Anyway.... good work



Posted on: 01/05/04 10:11am
By: Limynali

I'd love to release it as soon as it's a bit more bug free. I had the fantasy that I'd do an all CSS theme and I'm still having issues with the ccontent sometimes overflowing on-top of that right border instead of pushing it more to the right (if that makes any sense).

I'm glad people like the theme!

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