Subject: Strange errors after server move.

Posted on: 15/04/04 07:45am
By: exdeath

I recently moved my site (GL 1.3.9) to a new serv: php 5 apache 2 freebsd server.

Copied all the web tree and uploaded to the new serv (the only diferent thing is that public_html has been renamed to siteroot, but i've changed that on the config) and installed a backup of the database on the new serv. GL himself works, but when it cames to plugins (all the plugins, Blaine's forum and filemgmt; and staticpages) i Have some wheird errors:

Any ideas? I've already tried a fresh install and i have the same prob, so it hasn't to do with the database.

edit: On the /admin/moderation.php instead of having an image linking to each plugin i have 3 linking to the forum. Disabling the forum will change the 102 (number of posts in the forum) on the image above to NA. On the moderation.php i'll then have 2 images linking to filemgmt and none to static pages.

Could this be because of php5?

Strange errors after server move.

Posted on: 16/04/04 12:39pm
By: exdeath

I've fixed the problem by editing the admin and user blocks libcommon. It is something related to the function wich adds the plugins links to the user/admin menu and in moderation.php
I've just deleted the functions wich didn't work and replaced them with copied/pasted/edited code of other links of the same menu (far from the ideal fix).
The GL team should probably look into this as it is some kind of bug.

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