Subject: bye, Dirk

Posted on: 24/03/04 09:15am
By: Norgs

Hi People,

Does anyone know why Dirk signs off each post saying..

"bye, Dirk"

(This is my first post, so I wanted it to be something other than 'Help me cos I am crap and I dont know how to untar something with WinZip for MacOS 8.6' or something crap like that )

Anyways, I suspect its something to do with Dirk not speaking English as a first language. Am I wrong?

bye, Dirk

Posted on: 24/03/04 09:55am
By: vbgunz

Dirk for President

bye, Dirk

Posted on: 24/03/04 01:43pm
By: Dirk

I claim customary law on this one I must be using it for 15+ years now ...

bye, Dirk (glad that you don't seem to have any other problems

bye, Dirk

Posted on: 24/03/04 04:40pm
By: Anonymous

I think it's pretty funny.

I recently read Dirk's response to a guy who claimed he "hoped" something would work. The response was very dry, something like

"Hope is not an adequate solution to a problem.

, bye Dirk"

Reminds me of those hilarious Ketel One magazine ads.

bye, Dirk

Posted on: 24/03/04 05:38pm
By: geKow

Funny thing about THAT was, I read a post from Dirk a couple of days later
[QUOTE by Dirk]
Excellent! I was hoping someone would start using this functionality.[/QUOTE]


(sorry Dirk, couldn't resist)

P.S.: The (real cool) original quote was:
[QUOTE by Dirk]
Hope isn't a good concept for getting problems fixed.

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