Subject: is up and running

Posted on: 10/03/04 12:02pm
By: Anonymous

Just to let you guys know that my geeklog-based site is up. Take a peek at and let me know what you think is up and running

Posted on: 10/03/04 04:10pm
By: Anonymous

Just to add some info about my site: it's a private blogging website, not much there yet, but I did throw two themes (Axon.... and another one I don't remember) together and tweaked the CSS a bit. The result is very clean (I like that )

It's currently mostly a basic installation. Just installed the referer plugin. I don't think I will put a forum there, but I am going to install at least the download plugin and the FAQ plugin. Have also been looking at the Gallery integration, found the patched version for Geeklog but it doesn't have any usefull documentation on how to install (as far as I could see so far).

Besides being a testground for my ideas, the site is about my interests: Software engineering, Open Source, Mobile Gadgets and whatever I come across next is up and running

Posted on: 17/07/05 11:16am
By: Anonymous

Just found some referals from this topic to my site. Just to be honest I want to inform interested people that I no longer run Geeklog on my site but have switched (for some time now) to a Xoops system.

I still love Geeklog and continue to support it, but I needed some functionality myself that Geeklog can not (yet) deliver.

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