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Posted on: 09/03/04 04:10pm
By: Aplles.Org

hi all h r u ?
i am FADI AL-MADI from jordan
Admin for i am study PHP language
i am now Admin for Linux servers

thanx for Dirk and my small brother NELz thanx for Geeklog team i hope the Geeklog team the first .

what is site mean ????
Welcome to the new web site dedicated for engineering students in any field anywhere .
Our name comes from the combination of the first letters of Applied Programs & Learning Lessons for Engineering students which summarize our purpose of this site. represents a whole engineering community on the net where you-as an engineer or a student- can find practical solutions and satisfying answers to the problems you may encounter in life.This community gives you the chance to meet with other engineers sharing ideas and opinions with them.

Our philosophy in stands on the idea of self learning so that we provide on our site technical lessons in many important topics that any engineer has to be familiar and even expert in.

By signing up in you can download these lessons on your PC and start a great experience of individual making a difference.You also will be able to enter the chatting rooms at and pick between the forums avaliable.

For further explanation or questions cantact .

i hope to be member in this team geeklog team

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