Subject: Not Quite Static, Not Quite a Story?

Posted on: 09/03/04 11:42am
By: K12Dave


So, I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to, essentially, add the "comment engine" from the Stories to a Static Page.

Basically, I want to be able to have a document repository with all the features of the standard Static pages (ie. full HTML, PHP, cleaner URL, ability to eliminiate side blocks, et cetera), but I want readers to be able to comment on the page, and have a discussion thread build under it, essentially.


Not Quite Static, Not Quite a Story?

Posted on: 09/03/04 05:18pm
By: exaurdon

Well, sadly I don't know of anything that can handle this fully. It is ppossible that the new user Pages Plugin might do most of this. I Haven't really looked into it. The only way I know to do this with core geeklog functionality would be to present each document as an article, with a link to the document (which could be a static page.) This is obviously not ideal, as you couldn't read the doument and make comments at the same time, without making the document open in a new window.

The only other option would be to extend the Staticpages plugin to use the comment engine, which is something I'd like to do someday, but is unlikely to happen anytime soon.


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