Subject: 'Menu Items' in Blocks

Posted on: 10/02/04 11:44pm
By: johnjr

Where is specific information found for the specific 'items' in some of the blocks? For example, in the User Block, it has items for My Calender, Account Information, Preferences, Log Out, and if the Forum Plugin is installed, it has a Forum Options item. Where are these various items 'defined'?


'Menu Items' in Blocks

Posted on: 11/02/04 03:26am
By: Dirk

What exactly are you looking for?

The texts for those options can be found in the language file, the looks can be changed with the useroption.thtml and useroption_off.thtml template files.

Which entries will be displayed in this block is hard-coded, though (in function COM_userMenu, in lib-common.php) and plugins can add their own entries through the plugin API.

bye, Dirk

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