Subject: Altering What Is Displayed On Main Page

Posted on: 03/02/04 11:32pm
By: Mr_Nath

I am wanting to alter the way EVERYONE views my site. I am only wanting the latest 'Featured Article' (If there is one) to be displayed, and then the last 5 posts. I have static pages installed and I have been trying to configure a static page to hold a welcome message above the Featured Article but NOT in the 'div' so that the bg of the stories isnt behind the message but the bg of the page. Is this possible??? If there is a way to do the welcome message without having to use Static Pages that would be good too? Any suggestions?

Altering What Is Displayed On Main Page

Posted on: 04/02/04 08:41am
By: Turias

If you really want the background of the message to be different than the rest of the contentbox, then you are probably going to have to put the message in the header.thtml file in your theme folder.

You can then use php to determine if the current page is a page you want to display the header on, and then print it out if it is.

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