Subject: Can't post to site

Posted on: 02/01/04 12:19am
By: heidialyssa

I have been reading the FAQ's, done as they've asked, but I am having problems with three geeklogs I've set up. They are running on Panther OS X server and we've upgraded to mySQL 3.23.49 and PHP Version 4.3.2. We've made sure the files are chmod'd to what they should be, but I still cannot post and the stories are not in sequential order anymore. I've made sure the register_globals=on,
file_uploads=on, and the magic_quotes_gpc = on.

Has someone had this much problem after an upgrade? I am still running Geeklog 1.3.6.

Re:Can't post to site

Posted on: 02/01/04 04:36am
By: Dirk

I have to wonder what kind of "upgrade" that was, as all three packages you mention are still out of date after your upgrade ...

PHP is currently at 4.3.4, MySQL at 3.23.58, and Geeklog itself at 1.3.8-1sr3. Especially the last two have had a number of security fixes since the release of the versions you are now running.

I know that doesn't help you with your actual problem, but I would strongly suggest to upgrade at least MySQL and Geeklog before looking any further.

bye, Dirk

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