Subject: filemgmt anonymous access

Posted on: 08/12/03 11:50am
By: gHack

I'm running filemgmt 1.2 with two different sites -- only experiencing this problem with one, though, and can't figure out the difference.

With one site, I can't get anonymous access to the file repository, with the other I can. Both are running the same configuration.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and have any insights?


filemgmt anonymous access

Posted on: 07/10/05 05:21pm
By: ahijado

I'm having that problem on my site. I haven't been able to fix it, although I know that under the filemgmt config settings I have that there should be anonymous access to filemgmt. So I don't know what's going on yet.

filemgmt anonymous access

Posted on: 08/10/05 02:32am
By: ahijado

The specific error that I get is the following:

ERROR: No access to this Document Repository Section

User does not have access to the Document Repository

filemgmt anonymous access

Posted on: 08/10/05 02:47pm
By: ahijado

I think I got it to work finally. I went into the Filemgmt Admin Config settings page and clicked 'No' for anonymous access and anonymous uploads, then saved the changes. I logged out from my admin user and checked "My Downloads" It, of course, denied access. I logged back in as the admin user and clicked 'Yes' for anonymous access and uploads. Logged out and now the anonymous user was finally granted access to "My Downloads". I went back to the config settings and denied anonymous uploads and checked the anonymous access to make sure that it wasn't a repeatable bug. Anonymous still had access to "My Downloads"

I'm not sure what happened, but this trick seemed to work and I'll try it again if the problem reoccurs.


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