Subject: Who's new

Posted on: 03/12/03 07:30am
By: Anonymous

So I put thiese lines on "lib-custom.php"

function phpblock_whos_new() { global $_CONF,$_TABLES; // Set the number of new members to show $numToShow = 5; $result = DB_query("SELECT uid,username,photo FROM ORDER BY regdate DESC limit $numToShow"); $nrows = DB_numRows($result); for ($i = 1; $i ' . $A['username'] . ''; if (!empty($A['photo']) AND $_CONF['allow_user_photo'] == 1) { $retval .= ' '; } $retval .= '
'; } return $retval; }
but it seems there's a trouble with "FROM ORDER BY"... I can't find how to fix it! need some help!!! thanx

Re:Who's new

Posted on: 03/12/03 07:56am
By: Dirk

It should read


I also fixed Tony's original post.

bye, Dirk

Re:Who's new

Posted on: 03/12/03 08:17am
By: Anonymous

now it works well!
thank you very much

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