Subject: Help planning complex permissions setup

Posted on: 10/11/03 01:46pm
By: maran

It's not that complex in theory, but I can't figure it out in Geeklog- and I've read just about everything I can find - hope this is ok to ask.

I have a very traditional college setup -- two primary audience groups "Students" and "Faculty."

I want to use one installation of Geeklog to share stories with both communities. But, some stories will only be for students to see, and some will only be for Faculty to see. Then, there should also be stories that both see.

There might be topics that are only for Students, or only for Faculty, but there should be other topics that are generic ("College News" for example) where stories could be for either, or both audiences.

That's the end-user viewing privs. I think I could swing that, but my confusion comes in with the admin abilities.

I want to make it so that certain designated people have story admin privs for certain topics. The problem I'm facing is that I need to use the "Group" function in order to control viewing rights, which leaves me without (as far as I know) options for setting who has editorial rights.

That is my dilemma - it seems that it would be better (in my situation) if the viewing privs, and the administrative privs were totally separate. But, I'm sure it's possible that wouldn't make sense to other audiences.

Can anyone help me figure out a way to do this in Geeklog?

Many thanks in advance.

Re:Help planning complex permissions setup

Posted on: 10/11/03 01:58pm
By: Tony

Hrm, not sure how to disect what you want. Here is what I got from your message:

1) Need to control access to stories so that stories target either faculty, students or both.
2) Need to control access to who can edit stories

If that is right, you already have all you need. Create a groups called faculty, another called students. When you create topics specific to each be sure to mark the topic permissions accordingly. That should take care if item #1

To control who has access to edit stories I'll need more information. Will you have student admins and faculty admins seperate or will that editorial feature be combined?

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