Subject: Adding Links Problem

Posted on: 08/11/03 10:10pm
By: Anonymous

The whole database has to load each time I add a link. This takes a long time and Is getting longer the more links I add. I would like to see this feature removed or I would like to know of a workaround.

Jack Krugman

Re:Adding Links Problem

Posted on: 09/11/03 03:51am
By: Dirk

Well, mass-importing links into Geeklog isn't a standard operation you do every day. Geeklog wasn't really made for that.

Have you thought about using phpMyAdmin's CSV import function?

bye, Dirk

Re:Adding Links Problem

Posted on: 09/11/03 12:36pm
By: Anonymous

I will check out the phpmyadmin solution. I have been adding the links one at a time.

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