Subject: url_rewrite, staticpages, and RH 9

Posted on: 10/10/03 12:33pm
By: hubersan

So, my old server (RH 7.2) that worked quite happily crashed a while back, and I rebuilt it with RH 9. One thing that I noticed very quickly is that url_rewrite wasn\'t working correctly... I would get the 404 page instead of the correct staticpage. I just turned off url_rewrite as a quick fix, but I\'d like to turn it back on. I\'m using the default RH9 packages (PHP 4.2.2, MySQL 3.23.58, and Apache 2.0.40). Anyone know why it won\'t work?

Re:url_rewrite, staticpages, and RH 9

Posted on: 10/10/03 08:40pm
By: destr0yr

i remember reading a post that RH9 came with \"bad apache/php\" packages. if you run the up2date and do all the updates, try it again and it should work.

Re:url_rewrite, staticpages, and RH 9

Posted on: 11/10/03 12:07am
By: hubersan

unfortunately, that didn\'t work.. I\'ve gotten them all to the latest that RedHat offers.. I\'d PREFER not to recompile everything from scratch, as this is a server with customers on it (I\'m a sysadmin for an ISP), and don\'t feel like dealing with customers complaining because I forgot to compile in feature X. As for RH9 coming with broken apache/php, it would definately not surprise me.. it\'s happened before. I\'d almost believe, past PHP just being broken, that it\'s a ini problem, but again, it\'s pretty stock. :/


Posted on: 05/01/04 02:19pm
By: hubersan

It's a problem with Apache 2.0 and GL 1.3.8.. from the 2.0 upgrade doc:

The handling of PATH_INFO (trailing path information after the true filename) has changed for some modules. Modules that were previously implemented as a handler but are now implemented as a filter may no longer accept requests with PATH_INFO. Filters such as INCLUDES or PHP are implemented on top of the core handler, and therefore reject requests with PATH_INFO. You can use the AcceptPathInfo directive to force the core handler to accept requests with PATH_INFO and thereby restore the ability to use PATH_INFO in server-side includes. 

So, add the AcceptPathInfo On line in, and it works great!

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