Subject: Highly Desirable Feature(s) for Geeklog 2

Posted on: 13/09/03 01:00am
By: anabavi

I love Geeklog. Now that that's out of the way . . . . I did a lot of research and testing before deciding on Geeklog for my company's Internet site. I quickly determined some shortcomings which continue to haunt me. Some have been mitigated by plug-ins, almost totally, and some have not. Here's the list: - ability to wrap other documents in Geeklog's authentication system (pretty much taken care of to the degree I require by External Pages) - ability to manage multiple domains/sites using both different databases and the same database, depending on content - database abstraction layer (in the works for Geeklog 2) I'm VERY MUCH hoping that multiple domains/sites are on the list for Geeklog 2. My personal story is this: My business has distinct web sites for different audiences. It is necessary to create a defining appearance for each site: different colors, different graphics, different logos, different news stories. There is, however, a lot of overlap when it comes to links, forums, stories, downloads, aspects of visual design. I will not waste a lot of time hacking Geeklog 1 to suit this purpose so I'm hoping if I wait (long enough) Geeklog 2 will help me out. The database abstraction is a huge bonus also, which is almost enough to wait for in itself, but I may have to move current development to something like Drupal. I was shocked to see the options they offer for multiple virtual hosts, multiple directories, etc. Any thoughts?

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