Subject: - Geeked Site

Posted on: 02/09/03 12:37am
By: maran

One of my Geeklog sites is We use GL for the main site engine, and I have customized it a bit to integrate with other site sections. It works well for our site and its users. Thanks GL! Benjamin - Geeked Site

Posted on: 02/09/03 01:02pm
By: samstone

Nice theme! - Geeked Site

Posted on: 02/09/03 06:51pm
By: maran

Thank you samstone Smile - Geeked Site

Posted on: 02/09/03 11:42pm

yea...very nice theme....can you talk more about how you ended up with it? Paul check out my geeked site: - Geeked Site

Posted on: 03/09/03 12:54am
By: maran

The original basis for the theme (blocks anyway) comes from the GameServer theme, which I adapted. The rest of the site design, and much of the content of the blocks, titles, etc, comes from the main site design which was conceived separately from Geeklog, and is flowed through the Invision Board forum implementation as well as numerous custom applications like the wallpaper outpost, and the other non-geeklog driven site sections. Hope that answers your question. Smile

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