Subject: rss Feeds

Posted on: 25/08/03 09:52am
By: ronack

If you have found a site that has some interesting information and you would like to put it into a .rss feed but they don't have a .rss feed for you to use. You can create one. I stumbled accross this recently while looking for newsfeeds to include on my site.

Go to and click on Create a Channel then enter the URL of the site you would like to see in a .rss. Their robot grabs the content from the site and does it's best to create an .rss file. It then gives you the different .rss file option to put in a php_portal block. I used it to create a newsfeed for some specific information.

One note, if the site you are trying to grab has a lot of menu stuff in it you may get a feed with that information. But they say it is suppose to learn and get better. I'm not too sure about that though.

Re:rss Feeds

Posted on: 02/11/03 08:09am
By: gape

how do i insert them into a block ?
has it been explained yet ?
the link would do ...

Re:rss Feeds

Posted on: 02/11/03 11:21am
By: vbgunz


blocks > new block > portal block, then enter the information you get from, I believe it should just work

Good luck

Re:rss Feeds

Posted on: 02/11/03 04:11pm
By: gape

*the information you get from*
would be?
at this page?

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