Subject: staticpages 1.3 as splash screen

Posted on: 21/07/03 12:00am
By: jlhughes

I\'m not sure if this is a bug or something that just is. I have a Geeklog 1.3.8 site where all you see when you visit is the header and the login box in the left column. In the center column is a staticpage that explains that you must sign in to see anything. I set the permissions on this staticpage to \"disappear\" after the user logs in. This works for regular users. However, it does not work for root users. I have the staticpage set so that all permissions are off EXCEPT the Anonymous (even owner is off). I\'ve set the Group to All Users for lack of any other option. Changing the group doesn\'t seem to have an effect. Obviously, I can test this by creating a dummy user to see what it looks like, but I would like to have root users treated the same way all other users are treated. Ideas? John Hughes Geek P.S. I like the improvements to staticpages Exclamation A very nice improvement.

Re:staticpages 1.3 as splash screen

Posted on: 21/07/03 03:36am
By: Dirk

[QUOTE BY= jlhughes]However, it does not work for root users.[/QUOTE] Yep. That\'s because being a root user overrides any permissions on the site, i.e. you get access to everything. Can\'t really think of a solution that wouldn\'t create confusion in other situations ... bye, Dirk

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