Subject: External Page Problem

Posted on: 20/07/03 09:37pm
By: Anonymous

Well I\'ve installed by external pages.. plugin couple of days ago successfully. But today when I clicked on my SITE CALENDER BLOCK i see the ... events results... but on top that i see the following line: Warning: Empty Delimiter in /MYSITEURL/plugins/external/ on line 194 On line 194 of, I found the following line: if (stristr($cnts,$query) != \'\') { Thanks .. for the help.

Re:External Page Problem

Posted on: 29/07/03 06:40pm
By: ronack

I have this problem also, does anyone have an answer to this?

Re:External Page Problem

Posted on: 29/07/03 07:46pm
By: DTrumbower

That code only get executed when a search is being done. What have you added after the external plugin?

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