Subject: phpBB - just usr/pw integration

Posted on: 07/07/03 09:16pm
By: motionsiren

I enjoy both geeklokg and phpBB and Im interested in using them in there own independant interfaces but i\'d like them to use username/password profiles, so users don\'t have to log into one if they are already logged into the other. Can you help me out any on how to do this, or if it is possible? If a solution doesn\'t already exist, perhaps we should write a plugin to support this as a lot of us use phpBB and GL.

Re:phpBB - just usr/pw integration

Posted on: 08/07/03 12:24am
By: DTrumbower

Try the CMSBridge hack. It was written for such a thing.

You won't get any of the core developers too write for a phpbb integration. Oops, they already did, its called the GL Forum. Razz

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