Subject: Gallery integration: mod_rewrite

Posted on: 04/11/02 07:30am
By: robinbowes


I had a problem with gallery integration in that I found that Gallery would not generate short URLs when wrapped in Geeklog.

I've just discovered (thanks Bharat - Gallery developer) that this is because Gallery disables short URLs when it is wrapped in anything.

Here's what Bharat said:

The problem is that Gallery disables short URLs whenever it is embedded in anything. This is because I had a *Nuke bias when I wrote that code and Nuke prevents us from using short URLs. The folks who do the geeklog patch could remove this restriction in their next rev of the patch... Or you could modify the makeAlbumUrl() function in util.php:

if (!$GALLERY_EMBEDDED_INSIDE && $gallery->app->feature["rewrite"]) {
if ($gallery->app->feature["rewrite"]) {

Hope this helps somebody!


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