Subject: Poll Tracking

Posted on: 19/09/02 11:32am
By: isol8

Has anyone considered working on the poll block. I'd like to see who voted for what. I think something similar to the way Blaine's File Management module tracks the user and IP of downloads. I know the IP is already recorded on votes, it shouldn't be hard to also track usernames correct? The only issue is how to display them. Possibly a link next to each option. I think I'll try and put this together. Anyone have any suggestions, or are any of you working on this already?

Poll Tracking

Posted on: 19/09/02 02:58pm
By: Creator

This would raise an issue of vote confidentality!!! I for one wouldn't vote on anything if anyone was going to know what I voted on.

Poll Tracking

Posted on: 19/09/02 04:43pm
By: isol8

I could see that as a problem for some, but a lot of polls aren't very serious. (i.e. hopefully no one will shame me for voting for the naked assistant) And are you not concerned that your IP could be equated to your username? But point taken.

Poll Tracking

Posted on: 20/09/02 01:01am
By: Dirk

I agree with Creator here. What you have in mind may also violate privacy laws in some countries (you should at least add a privacy statement to such a poll, stating what you will and will not do with the data collected). The stored IP is not a problem unless you are on a intranet. The IP is only stored for a certain amount of time anyway and you would need access to the logfiles of ISPs all over the world to track down the owners of IP addresses. bye, Dirk

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