Subject: Allowable HTML

Posted on: 27/08/02 11:41am
By: Creator

For those of you who (like me) like to add extra tags to the list of allowable html in config.php, here's a tip I recently discovered: Since adding more and more tags would force wider the width of the submit a story block, simply go to the corresponding line in config.php and hit return wherever you want the tag list to start on a new line, like so: $_CONF['allowablehtml'] = '<p>,<b>,<i>,<a>,<strong>,<em>,<br>,<tt>,<hr>,<li>,<ol>,(hit return here) <div>,<ul>,<img>,<embed>,<object>,<param>,<blockquote>'; Presto, a neat allowable HTML listing that won't throw your block out of porportion. You can see the result at if you like. Please, please, no applause necessary!

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