Subject: Hack Challenge

Posted on: 21/08/02 03:24pm
By: Creator

I'd do it myself, but my skills at PHP aren't up to the task...

It took me two days, but I finally found and downloaded David's Rating Script. It's a very simple, two-file PHP script that rates anything you want. It's completely free, and can be used and modified as we'd like.

The challenge is this: Hack the rating script and integrate into GL for use with articles and links, and whatever else you can think of! I'm thinking along the lines of template based, where we can just add [rate_this] anywhere we want a rating to appear. The articles are more important in my opinion, though, as I see MANY bloggers out there with article rating features (something that, obviously, GL lacks for some reason?).

In any case, David's Rating Script can be downloaded here. You don't have to use it for the challenge, though!

First person who completes this hack receives nothing but recognition. I'd give money, if I had any. :-(

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