Subject: Random Quote Block

Posted on: 01/07/03 08:12am
By: demianturner

Currently on offer there seems to only be a block that grabs quotes from a 'quotes' site.

This block allows you to store quotes in your own DB and pull them out once per page request. If an author name is available in the record, you can search it on google. The download comes with 119 quotes to get you started ;-)

Get the block here.

Random Quote Block

Posted on: 01/07/03 09:15am
By: Dirk

Have you seen Tony's Fortune Plugin?

I also seem to remember that I downloaded a "random quotes" block once that read quotes from a text file. However, I was unable to find it again ...

But, as we all know, competition is a good thing ;-)

bye, Dirk

Random Quote Block

Posted on: 01/07/03 11:06am
By: demianturner

Hi Dirk,

damn, I hadn't seen this, I usually only search under 'blocks'.

Well, my version is only a few lines of code, I guess it's enough for users looking for something simple ;-)

Was looking at the MVC stuff, you guys should check out PHPseagull for another approach to doing this:

If you look carefully you'll even find some GL methods in there, fully credited, of course. I'd be interested to hear your feedback.



Random Quote Block

Posted on: 01/07/03 04:26pm
By: Anonymous

I think your CMS is coming along very nicely. It has a lot of neat features already, and it's great not seeing a new entry which is yet another clone of Nuke without much originality. As a user of geeklog, I'm curious why you decided not to work with the developers here. It's apparent you are going down the same road or at least want to.

Random Quote Block

Posted on: 01/07/03 05:42pm
By: demianturner

thanks for the comments :-) good question about teaming up with geeklog folks, never occured to me really. i know tony et al. are slaving away on gl 2.0 and have been for some time now, i haven't been following that closely. at the same time i guess sometimes it's easier to start a project from scratch. yes PHPseagull has a some functionality goals in common with gl, probably because i've been a gl user for around 2 years now ;-) anyways, like any open source project, there's a lot of common requirements out there and it's great to be able to look at how others have solved the problems you're up against. having said that, it's been harder than i'd anticipated attracting developers to work on the project. anyone interested with code or feedback feel free to drop by ;-) cheers demian

Re:Random Quote Block

Posted on: 15/12/03 03:22pm
By: santos_douglas

This may be a dumb question, but how do I use the .sql file included with this block?


Never mind, I found I can drop it in using PHPmyAdmin

Random Quote Block

Posted on: 26/03/04 10:10am
By: Anonymous

Sorry... maybe this is a silly question but i still dont get it (sorry for my english)

I have a quotes.php file that return a random quote from a db, this works perfect, but i want to put this quote on the "header.thtml" (clean theme)...
anybody know how can i do this?


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