Subject: language changer

Posted on: 08/12/02 02:04am
By: Euan

Been messing around with the theme changer. See it on

Doesn't work yet - it will change when you push the "use permanently" link, but not just from the select box. This is a problem in lib-common.php (which always uses the saved value from $_CONF) but I haven't been able to fix it yet. I also stripped the browser check and haven't put it back yet, but if someone can work out the lib-common stuff that would be good.

Unless someone has already made one of these. Euan.

language changer

Posted on: 14/01/03 02:24pm
By: Anonymous

I have messed around with this myself. After much frustration, I just made a phpblock that changed the language and bounced the user to usersettings.php. Most of the code came straight out of usersettings.php. I was going to tweak usersettings.php to display a custom message when someone used the phpblock. Something like: "you changed your language settings. You can also customize many other aspects of this site. If you don't want to do this, click here to go back to where you just were" And then I would just use a little php code to link to the refering page. But, I would LOVE to see a plugin that works the way theme changer does! One question: will your language plugin work if the user is not logged in/doesn't even have a user account? Also, I know this is probably a dumb question, but can anyone explain why the browser detection stuff is in theme changer? What is browser specific in the code?

language changer

Posted on: 18/03/03 08:19pm
By: tingo

Hmm, a language changer with flags on it would be nice. So visitors could change quickly between the native language and say, english. Hmm, I need to think about this more.

language changer

Posted on: 12/12/05 09:53am
By: suvi

did you made it?

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