Subject: Weather Block 2.2 Released

Posted on: 25/10/02 06:26am
By: squatty

I'm releasing the new and improved Weather Block (v2.2). Many...many thanks to John Hughes for his awesome 7-Day forecast add-on.

The updated block includes the following new features:

Contains a detailed weather view for international locations and a 7-Day forecast for US locations (US only) Is 100% language file driven

In addition several bugs have been fixed:

Cross Browser Compatibility - the new block has been tested in IE, Mozilla and Opera Sun vs. Moon Problem Resolved - The current block displays night images during the day. I have resolved this issue in the new releaseā€¦at least so far so good! Rain Description - There is a logic error in the current release that prevents the precipitation description from showing. Instead the user sees "-Rain". I never really noticed it since it hardly rains in LA :-)

You can download the updated release here.


Weather Block 2.2 Released

Posted on: 25/10/02 07:00am
By: Tony

You may want to add it to our download section. Just a thought.---The reason people blame things on previous generations is that there's only one other choice.

Weather Block 2.2 Released

Posted on: 25/10/02 07:04am
By: squatty

Will fact I've been meaning to upload all my add-ons.

Weather Block 2.2 Released

Posted on: 25/10/02 01:07pm
By: ndarlow

There's some wording towards the end of the UPDATE document relating to files requiring modification of include and require statements. There are also some error messages listed which confused me a little. I think it might be worth a little effort to put some $_CONF['path_html'] into those includes and requires to remove the necessity for the user to edit them. I get the impression the release of this version was a little rushed. Regards, Neil Darlow M.Sc.

Weather Block 2.2 Released

Posted on: 25/10/02 03:57pm
By: squatty

On the contrary, this release was not rushed at all. I tested this release more so than any previous version. In addition, I had several other qualified individuals test two separate release candidates. As to the $_CONF['path_html'] and the include statements, I had never considered that approach before. The notes at the end of the upgrade file are from a previous release. I did not see the need to replace or update them for this release, especially considering the fact that those errors occur quite infrequently. I think the point you are trying to make here is...release better quality stuff. I agree completely, after all I am my biggest critic. However, I do have a full time job which requires me to work an extraordinary amount of hours. Thus forcing me to code/test at ridiculous times of day/night...just ask anyone from the east coast who has ever visited my site to see me online at 4:30 AM PDT! I agree that we all could do a better job from a quality control perspective. However, I also believe that the nature of Open Source is learning as you go! Perhaps I put to much faith in the people who download and run my code? I've rambled log enough. Thanks for the recommendation I will add it to the next release.

Weather Block 2.2 Released

Posted on: 26/10/02 05:24am
By: ndarlow

My comment on this release appearing rushed was purely subjective in that I thought it didn't reflect the usual high quality of your releases. It wasn't intended as a personal criticism of you and I apologise if you took it that way. The use of a $_CONF variable to locate the weather block's parent directory just seemed immediately obvious to me having seen how it's used to good effect in the Geeklog codebase. The fact that you hadn't done this seemed, to me, that you might have been under some pressure to release. Please don't be offended and keep up the good work. Regards, Neil Darlow M.Sc.

Weather Block 2.2 Released

Posted on: 26/10/02 09:24am
By: squatty

No offensive taken. I appreciate your feedback. I will implement your suggestions in the next release.

Weather Block 2.2 Released

Posted on: 03/06/04 07:34pm
By: dick

the download link works great.

An SQL error has occured. Please see error.log for details.

I jsut hope this update resolves my
Warning: Failed opening '../../plugins/weather/config.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/html/matthewlkingphp/weather/admin.php on line 194

issue I have been fighting all day, and 3 hard to find updates later.

I started this morning with 1.0. It worked fine.
I found there was a 2.0 from a thread I saw here.
OOpps, no more website. MySql is all fubared.
Learned more about mySql today then I have any business knowing, and fixed the issue.
Now I have that odd megage at the top of my site telling me something is awry. I found a tidbit of information on your site about how to fix it in a comment section, but I dont think the fix is written out right.

I dunno, maybe Im tired.

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