Subject: Geeklog News

Posted on: 16/04/02 08:35am
By: squatty

I've noticed a lot of GL sites out there that have a block displaying content from this site. I'd like to add a similar block. Is the code available for this? Thanks, Squatty


Posted on: 16/04/02 10:17am
By: dreamscape

and it's easy as pie. Go to Blocks admin, add a new "portal block" and for the rdf file use this: Hit save and you're done.


Posted on: 16/04/02 11:21am
By: squatty

That's a great feature. In theory I could pull content from any GL site? Glad to see somone thought of this.

as long as PHP has ftp support

Posted on: 16/04/02 12:46pm
By: Anonymous

and my hosted sight does not :^(

as long as PHP has ftp support-NOT

Posted on: 16/04/02 02:46pm
By: Anonymous

well, wrong again. works through http. sorry bout that.

Not only Geeklog sites

Posted on: 17/04/02 12:31am
By: Dirk

RDF/RSS, as this type of file is called, is a standard that is also used by other websites to publish their headlines. For example, you can import the headlines from Slashdot: or, for our German readers ;-) from Heise online,

Look around. Once you know what to look for, you'll find many news sites supporting this format.

bye, Dirk

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