Subject: Stats Plugin Day Bug

Posted on: 01/11/02 05:00am
By: tomw

This being the 1st of the month I encoutered a bug in my stats plugin. It will not show stats for days that have only one digit. I treated the day as a string when it should have been a integer. Here is the fix just untar these files in your public_html/stats directory and it will replace the files there. It also contains a bonus a file called monitor.php which you can run to monitor your website in realtime.

Last mistake I will ever make.


Stats Plugin Day Bug

Posted on: 01/11/02 08:47am
By: Anonymous

Tom, Thanks... I had just saw that issue and was gonna post about it... timing is everything Smile as for mistakes... Keep making them... it means you are trying to push the envelope... the day I stop making mistakes is the day they throw dirt on my coffin Smile -John

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