Subject: Any Plugin templates?

Posted on: 03/03/02 05:01pm
By: Anonymous

Any chance of a simple plugin template? I am contemplating writing a photo plugin for corporate use so I want most of the geeklog features such as submission/acceptance, commenting, etc. I d/l'd the static page plugin but I must have fluxtored something up and it also is installed as opposed to a development layout, which means that I have to go search hither and yon to find the pages. Any chance links could be implemented as a demonstration plugin? -Jeff

Any Plugin templates?

Posted on: 16/10/02 05:15pm
By: Anonymous

Wah - total silence on this one. This would be a very Good Thing - I'm on my second re-write of a plugin because the API documentation is a litle sparse (although geeklog is the only portal system to include any API docs AFAIK). How about it - a plugin that takes a single choice from an option / select and allows admin approval and comments would be VERY handy

Any Plugin templates?

Posted on: 16/10/02 08:37pm
By: tomw

I finished a plugin template last week and put it up on my site. I did it in conjuction with the plugin documentation that Blaine and I are working on. It provides an easy to use installer/uninstaller (just fill in arrays) and a functioning I can make a blank plugin in about 10 minutes with it. You can get it at my website:
The Pigstye


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