Subject: Classifads Plugin

Posted on: 02/07/03 02:09pm
By: Anonymous

Is there a simple way to add images to an ad created with the Classifad Plugin? If not, is there a classified plugin available for Geeklog that allows ads with images? THANKS!

Re:Classifads Plugin

Posted on: 02/07/03 02:56pm
By: Dirk

The Classifads plugin does not support images (unless you allow img tags in your list of allowable HTML, but that is not recommended due to possible security issues). There\'s another plugin called zClassified which seems to support images (although the images on demo site don\'t load ...). bye, Dirk

Re:Classifads Plugin

Posted on: 03/07/03 03:40am
By: Robin

zClassified requires GD library. I\'m working on it ;-)

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