Subject: Vbulletin & GL Integration?

Posted on: 30/06/03 02:25pm
By: Bilal

Hi, I just see this cool portal system, I like its features.... I want to ask GL developers, that is there any way that we can integrate GL with vbulletin? I think its possible, because Vbulletin can integrate with PHPnuke! Well, we can integrate vbulletin & GL like as follow: Any registration made through GL, automatically also goes in vbulletin user database table! and when a user modify its details from GL or vbulletin CP, its automatically updates in GL and vbulletin user database Smile I know, its not much difficult for GL developers....Please make a such plugin, so vbulletin users can use GL Smile Thanks, Bilal

Re:Vbulletin & GL Integration?

Posted on: 01/07/03 09:55am
By: DTrumbower

You can either use the cmsbridge to the GL forum. I don\'t think you will ever see a dircect hack to support vbulletin, unless you create it yourself.

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