Subject: Feature Request?

Posted on: 14/02/03 06:47pm
By: Anonymous

Not really sure where to ask this, so i will try here. From reading in the config.php and other places in the admin area, i dont see a way to turn off the comments on a page after a certain amount of time. For example, after a "post" has been up for X amount of days, would be nice to have it automatically turn off comments and keep the current ones that were made to that post there for the world to see. Because as it is now, lets say you have 1000+ posts, and someone starts posting all over your site in posts you dont really look at anymore, they could fill up a database pretty quick, with nonesense. Just a thought.

Feature Request?

Posted on: 14/02/03 09:14pm
By: Anonymous

Very Good feature request Smile anyone? ...

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