Subject: Kudos to Static Pages!

Posted on: 13/02/03 04:44pm
By: Nuke

Just wanted to take a quick moment and mention that Static Pages is an awesome thing. I totally misunderstood how they worked until I read an article on it today. I just wrote up some content submission guidelines for my site and just had them under a normal topic. Now I have them available from the main menu, which is what I really wanted. Good job guys! Great thinkin! Nuke...

Kudos to Static Pages!

Posted on: 13/02/03 05:07pm
By: Anonymous

You referred to an article? What article did you read? I think I could benefit from it as well. Thanks

Kudos to Static Pages!

Posted on: 14/02/03 03:14pm
By: Nuke

Well, perhaps I should have worded it differently. What truly happened is that I looked at the new Hate Mail Section. The first article's author complained about the static pages, and that he couldn't see it once he created one. This prompted me to go to my site and start playing with it. Once I clicked on the admin link that allowed me to create a new page, I was surprised to see an edit box pop up. I thought it was going to ask me for the location of a page or something. At any rate, I immediatly opened another window, copied and pasted the text from my Content Submission Guidelines article, clicked the button to make a link to the static page in the headings, and whabbo!... Instant Submissions Guideline page! Sorry for the misleading post...


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