Subject: Featured Article by Section

Posted on: 31/01/03 07:00pm
By: Anonymous

Here's a feature I would appreciate ... Have a "featured article" by section. As it stands now, only the "frontpage" has a featured article, which, logically, can be from any section. Since people may have special interests, however, it makes sense to me to be able to have a "Section Specific" Feature as well. In other words, once the user selects e.g. the "Bugs" section, she gets the "Bugs" featured article on top, she selects the "Cool Hacks" section, she gets the "Cool Hacks" Featured article on top, etc. Any thought on how hard it would be to hack that into 1.3.7? Cheers, Dr Magu

Featured Article by Section

Posted on: 03/02/03 11:33pm
By: T1Pimp

I completely agree, this would be a very cool addition---Paul 'T1Pimp' - Geek news with attitude

Featured Article by Section

Posted on: 04/02/03 06:38pm
By: Mu Satach

That would be cool... ---Ni!

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