Subject: World Music Geeked

Posted on: 07/04/03 01:24pm
By: phpsocialclub

We are finishing up the Geek'ng of a big world music web site.

Please take a look at

The original site World Music Portal was over 1500 pages in frontpage Frown
The new site is mostly off the shelf GL but I built a custom static page importing function that bulk loads files into the static pages and allows editing of static pages via FTP (dreamweaver)

I plan to make this available as a plugin/hack to the existing static pages in the future.

Do us a favor and report any problems via the error reporting link in the upper right corner of the page

Thanks to all the GL developers for a great system.

World Music Geeked

Posted on: 07/04/03 04:44pm
By: alinford

Great site!

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