Subject: A New Geeklog Site

Posted on: 24/01/03 10:51am
By: Cregar

Just wanted to let you know about my Geeklog Site. It's just a family & friends site, but I wanted to let eveyone know that Geeklog is GREAT!! Pretty much no problems installing the script and with a little struggle got a few blocks and plugins working.

Thanks for the great script... Keep up the terrific work!


A New Geeklog Site

Posted on: 25/01/03 05:46pm
By: Anonymous

Hmmm...I must say that I really enjoy personal sites.They are often the best ones. Dont stop personalizing your page, and even if you dont have many hits on your page at the moment ,keep working on it. Dont forget that the personal sites with too much design and perfection aint really personal sites. Keep up the good work! ^^, Try also to make your own "family touch" on the site. -Drako

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