Subject: ralles-web is geeked!

Posted on: 09/05/02 03:37am
By: Anonymous

Hi there,

my personal Website, online since 1996, is now "geeklogged"! I wanted to turn my site into a weblog and checked out the available software for PHP and MySQL, because that's what I wanted to implement.

Well, I ended up with a full featured CMS, and I like it.

What I don't like is the XSilver-Theme (why the hell should my website look like Sawmill-Window-Manager?) so I created my own "green" theme, if someone except me likes it I could finish it up and make it available as a download.

My Site is in german language (simply because I am german ;-)), and you can find it at

Regards from Germany


Posted on: 10/05/02 02:53pm
By: Tony

Nice theme! You shoud tar it up and sent it over to us and we can put it up on for download. --Tony


Posted on: 14/05/02 04:31am
By: Anonymous

Hello Tony, of course, I'll create a logo (because nobody except me wants to have "ralles web" on top of the page) and tar the theme. Where should I submit the archive? Regards ralle

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