Posted on: 30/01/02 02:39am
By: wbvreeuwijk

Freshly installed Geeklog up and running. Managed to integrate Gallery into it, but still needs a lot of customizing. If anyone has the dutch translations, it would save me a lot of work ;-). Greetings, Bas.

Re: Dutch translation

Posted on: 30/01/02 09:12am
By: Dirk

I don't know how good or complete it is (I don't speak Dutch) but there is a Dutch translation available in the CVS.

bye, Dirk

Re: Dutch translation

Posted on: 31/01/02 04:15am
By: Anonymous

Thanks, I had a quick look, and it's not very complete. But it's a start and I can build from that. Regards, Bas.

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