Subject: New Clan Site

Posted on: 19/12/01 03:06pm
By: Anonymous

I have mainly used postnuke for my portals etc however when looking for a news script found Geeklog and loved the Group feature and that it is easy to make theme changes.

Work in progress

Will edit link we it goes live

Yo, what happened?

Posted on: 21/12/01 11:43am
By: Tony

Still looks like Nuke to me...did you change your mind? If so, why?


Posted on: 21/12/01 12:35pm
By: Falkware

egad--i HATE nuke

New site

Posted on: 21/12/01 05:20pm
By: Anonymous

The new site address is its hosted by which is where was pionting to so you were looking at not the clan site new link

New site

Posted on: 22/12/01 08:42pm
By: Anonymous

Hmm users can not edit there posts. New site is

----- Administrator for NZREALM

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