Subject: GeekLog of the Week

Posted on: 10/09/01 03:29pm
By: Tane

Geeklog is being developed at an staggering rate now, but the community has always been (IMHO) a little stagnent. So, to help this situation, I'd like inject a little more to the community right here on the Geeklog website. The first of these things is GeekLog of the Week! Interested?What I want to do with this is, on the front page, focus on a site that is powered by Geeklog. Now, I don't mean just any old site that is powered by a default install, what I am looking for are site that have done some extraordinary with Geeklog. For example, it could be a really neat layout, or a really fantastic hack you have done to the site. We want to show that Geeklog is a very powerful 'blog' that gives the ability to do anything within you imagination!

If you feel you have such a site, then email me at Tell me the name of the site, the URL, the focus of the site, and what you have done to make it an extraordinary Geeklog site.

Great Idea!

Posted on: 11/09/01 12:45pm
By: Tony

This is a great idea! There are a lot of really good GL sites out there. Now that GL is entering what I'll call the class of second generation weblogs, we need to spot light people that really make GL work for them! --Tony

Addon to 'Great Idea!'

Posted on: 09/11/01 12:20pm
By: saltlakejohn

A featured Site Of The Week is a great idea.

Also there's something to be said for listing 'default,' out-of-the-box sites too. When I started researching weblogs, content managers, portals and such, I made pit stops at every site reference every program offered. Some were blah, some were whizzy, even though they might have the same core software. A plain vanilla install would still be interesting to guage and assess a program.

Can you maybe put up a link page for all the GeekLog users to post to? Oh, and maybe link-check it every so often. I found the dead:live reference link ratio to be 3:1 -- lots of links to sites that had downloaded but weren't still using and links to sites that weren't even hosted any more.

Could you use a volunteer? I'm a menace on a keyboard (I'm the principle reason the term UI was coined), but I can offer to help. I'm a writer/editor for the last decade or so, but back in the 8-bit assembler days I programmed and taught. For about two years I worked in Unix (the 8-bit port called Zenix, remember?). That's been twenty years ago so I've forgotten a lot. It's a hobby now that I picked back up a year or so ago. I'm rusty, but I would like to offer service, if needed.

Geez, I hope this wasn't too forward. Silly yes, but I can live with that. Being bold and rude, however, would not do.

Great Idea!

Posted on: 20/12/01 05:29pm
By: Anonymous

I think it would be cool to have an ongoing poll of the top GL websites. Would certainly make for a fun block.


Posted on: 13/01/02 07:43pm
By: Anonymous

Great idea! Spotlight great sites, make sure you get the light right in their eyes =)

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