Subject: geeknews file install

Posted on: 26/12/02 02:22pm
By: Anonymous

I downloaded the geeklog.php file for a newsfeed...and ive uploaded the file to my server, ive created a block but im not sure exactly how to make it active, or how to set it up to wrk. can someone maybe give me instructions as i dont seem to be able to find any. Thanks Sally

geeknews file install

Posted on: 28/12/02 05:19am
By: Dirk

Not sure what file you downloaded and why ... To make a news block, go to the Block Editor (from the Admin menu) and create a portal block. Under "Portal Block Options", where it says "RDF URL", enter the URL of the other site's news feed, e.g. for this site's news feed, and save the block. You may need to hit reload before it actually shows up. Or were you talking about something else? bye, Dirk

geeknews file install

Posted on: 28/12/02 08:31am
By: squatty

I think you are referring to the geeknews.php page created by TomW. See example here.

The steps are as follows:

1) Create a portal block with the URL to the Geeklog site you would like to include. For example, to set-up a portal block for this site, the RDF URL would look like this:

2) Edit geeknews.php to include each portal block as follows (using this site again as an example):

$_NEWS['geeknews'] = '1';

If you still get no results then go back and enable the portal block. Make sure the content shows up in the block first. Then disable it and hit the geeknews.php page again.

Danny @

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