Subject: Trouble submitting

Posted on: 26/12/02 01:39pm
By: broelling

Hi I cannot submit stories, after upgrading to 1.3.7. The submit and preview buttons when submitting, are missing, like seen in this screenshot: This is the case no matter what theme I use. Does anyone have an idea what to do!???

Trouble submitting

Posted on: 28/12/02 05:15am
By: Dirk

Looks like an incomplete language file to me. There have been a lot of changes in the language files in 1.3.6, especially for localisation of the admin editors. Try with the English language file. bye, Dirk

Trouble submitting

Posted on: 28/12/02 06:13am
By: Anonymous

Hi Dirk

It was an uncomplete languagefile, I found - but thanx and a happy new year!

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