Subject: Files

Posted on: 08/10/02 07:21pm
By: Anonymous

Hi, I've just installed GL 1.3.6 on my website and I've been getting quiet a few problems =P I'm very new to php so sorry if this problem is really simple to fix... This is where I want geeklog to open at: I wanted everything to be in the "fitlog" directory, but it seems like all the other files are opened on the main directory which the files are not even located there. How can I make the links open in the "fitlog" directory? If you don't know what I mean just click the link above and hover or click around. None of the links work. Thank you in advanced =)


Posted on: 09/10/02 12:48am
By: Dirk

You need to set $_CONF['site_url'] = ''; bye, Dirk


Posted on: 09/10/02 11:37am
By: Matty

in config.php just in case you were wondering...-----Matty


Posted on: 09/10/02 01:38pm
By: Anonymous

damn, that was a silly mistake. thanks!

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