Subject: Db BackUp

Posted on: 24/09/02 03:40pm
By: Anonymous

I keep getting this when i try to back up Backup Failed: Filesize was 0 bytes

Db BackUp

Posted on: 26/09/02 01:04am

I have the same problem. Don't know if it has anything to do with site being on one box and MySQL being on a different box. mysqldump works fine from the shell after ssh to host. Chuck

Db BackUp

Posted on: 26/09/02 05:47am
By: efarmboy

Please review this article from a few days ago here and let us know what version of GL you are using.


Db BackUp

Posted on: 26/09/02 09:44pm

Hello, Using GL 1.3.6 final, site is hosted on a RH 7.x server, with PHP 4.2.2,(I believe). Location of files is /home/sugargrove/www, with "www" being a link to /www/sugargrove/ . When I log into my shell account via ssh and run the same mysqldump command that GL uses, it works fine. The MySQL server is a seperate dedicated DB box. I don't have access to the syslogs since it's not under my control. Everything works fine on my RH 7.3 box with all components running on the same machine. I hadn't planned on bringing it up until I'd done more looking into the configs, but I saw somebody else had the same problem. Thanks, Chuck


Posted on: 20/11/02 02:27am

My hosting company runs PHP as a CGI binary and compiled with it with safe mode = on. Turned it off with local php.ini and it works. Chuck

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