Subject: Questionnaire Plugin

Posted on: 07/08/02 10:11pm
By: Anonymous

Hey Everyone, Is there a plugin out there that you can make a questionnaire form and have visitors submit the form and then have the answers sent to an email address or maybe even displayed in a page, while all being editable via the control panel? Guess sort of like a poll but much more versatile with options to have the people write their answers in and submit it?

Questionnaire Plugin

Posted on: 08/08/02 06:30am
By: Anonymous

Use static pages v1.1 with a form to e-mail gateway script.

Questionnaire Plugin

Posted on: 14/10/05 10:05am
By: marcelw

I would like to have a small questionnaire that brings the answers to a databasetable for later evaluation and makes the people answering it member of a certain group.

Sounds so simple I'm sure one of you has written such a thing allready.

Questionnaire Plugin

Posted on: 14/10/05 02:17pm
By: ScurvyDawg

I know alot of people have a problem with OSS software that costs a couple bucks but there is a plugin that I think does what your looking for.

I hope that helps

Questionnaire Plugin

Posted on: 19/10/05 05:03pm
By: marcelw

Thanks for the advice but a questionnaire is not a quiz.
A questionnaire has open questions, of which you want to know the answers.
A quiz is a game with four given answers -- one good -- the author laughing as the quizzer enters the wrong answer. A questionnaire is lot less fun. You have tax forms over there? You would not call those a quiz.

Questionnaire Plugin

Posted on: 19/10/05 05:56pm

Sounds like you just need a more advanced contact form.

Just make profiles.php's $message an array - as discussed here. Although machinari claims it's untested, I can testify it works perfectly for me.

I've even went a step further and make sure to fill up the fields in case your submission has an error, which is great if you have many fields, so then you can just fill the ones that have error in them and not the correct ones all over again!

I'd write a detailed patch, but I'm not sure what's the best way to implement required fields now that there are multiple fields and not just $message (because it's an array).

Questionnaire Plugin

Posted on: 21/10/05 11:31am
By: asmaloney


What you're looking for is a GL integration with PHPSurveyor. Unfortunately it doesn't yet exist.

PHPSurveyor is a really nice piece of work. I hacked it in to one of my GL sites and it's been very helpful. I was going to work with Carsten [from PHPSurveyor] on making a nice GL integration, but I don't think I'll have time [at least in the next 4-5 months]. He did put in one of my changes to make things a little easier for integration with a CMS though [adds header and footer from your GL site], so you'll have a starting point if you want to try it.

- Andy Maloney

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